High Environmental Value (HVE)

"Nature is a universal and trustworthy master to the one who observes it"
Carlo Goldoni

Reasoning one's cultivation methods

To produce whilst respecting our environment is as duty in order to have a strong recognisability AOC - Apellation d'Origine Contrôlée (term of controlled origin). To us, respecting our Terroir, in other words, our soil, our vegetation and the environment is fundamental. The recommended treatment doses are reduced to a maximum and the weather conditions are scrupulously monitored.  Maison Météyer is HVE (High Environmental Value) certified.

The Terroir

The soil of the region benefits of a geographic location and a particular climate that fosters the grapes' typicality, freshness and finesse qualities required to make Champagnes.

The vines of the Champagne region undergo quite a rough weather. The climate suffers the influence of oceanic and continental winds and disturbances, which can sometimes freeze the vineyards, causing considerable damages or even destruction during winter, and short hours of sunlight although summers can be very hot.

 Another major characteristic of the Champagne region is it's limestone subsoil, providing the perfect growing conditions, retaining just the right amount of water for an optimum ripeness of the grapes.

This unique combination of features provides the exceptional virtues of finesse that give Champagne its fantastic reputation.


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