Champagne Meteyer

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Tasting Tips

Matured for several years in our cellars, Champagne Météyer Père & Fils is ready to be tasted immediately after purchase.

Did you know ?

  • The younger and lively the Champagne is, the colder it shall be served.  Mature Champagne will withstand 10°C.
  • A wine glass is not the best for drinking Champagne, because aromas escape too quickly due to its flairing rims.
  • The finesse of the glass enhances gustatory sensations.
  • Too much coolness will disturb aromas and flavor.
  • Residus from detergents and cleaning agents on your glasses "shuts off" the Champagne mousse.


  • Cool your bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for half an hour or by laying it at the bottom of your fridge for 4 hours.
  • Remove the foil, untighten the muzzle while retaining the cork, tilt the bottle at 45° and turn it by holding it by the bottom and pulling the cork out.
  • Drink chilled but not cold, at a temperature of 8° to 10°C.
  • Serve in a flute or a glass.
  • Glasses shall only be served half-filled to smell the wine.
  • Glasses shall be rinced with hot water, without using any detergent, and shall be left upside down to drain and dry.  Store them standing, away from dust.


  • Keep the bottles laid down.
  • Store them away from light
  • Let sit a couple of days before enjoying

Champagne can be kept for 2 or 3 years if storage conditions are respected.:

  • horizontal storage to preserve cork's elasticity;
  • ideal cellar temperature between 10° and 14° C;
  • crucial storage in the dark to avoid the "taste of lignt";
  • cleanliness;
  • humidity (good hygrometry around 80%);
  • ventilation;
  • absence of vibrations.

Without a cellar, the Champagne can be kept in a refrigerated cabinet, or sheltered in its packaging, in a cool place.


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